Hero Enough

He wasn’t the stereotypical hero —
The kind to make her swoon,
The kind to make her croon.
Yet somehow he stuck.
He made her smile.

He wasn’t the knight in shining armour —
The protector of the realm,
The one who could overwhelm.
Yet anyhow he shone.
He always showed up.

If anything, he was an anti-hero.
Not the one hoped for by mothers.
Not the one admired by fathers.
Yet this one’s about him.
He was hero enough.

They said he would leave.
Of course, they were right.
There was no future in sight.
Yet he remained in memories.
He remained a hero.

He didn’t break what he couldn’t mend.
Never a heart intentionally.
Never a person knowingly.
Yet he gets bad-mouthed.
He is somewhat an unsung hero.

She thought his advent was the best thing ever.
Turned out his departure was.
Turned out life didn’t hit a pause.
Yet as she continues to discover herself,
She knows he was hero enough.

24 thoughts on “Hero Enough

  1. Splendid, Mia. An inspiring tale for the real world. A truth that plays well, and very possibly will have a “Happily Ever After.”

    Let the fairy tales unfold in movies, in books and in our minds. They do spur our dreams, I’ll give them that.

    However, your reality will carry the moment long after the last page is turned and the credits roll. Your vision is the “forever” actors and authors scarcely can imagine, Mia.

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