10 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: Behind You, Baby

  1. Nice, Mia, and here’s to 2021’s first Tiny Tale.

    Yes, affection wears many costumes, a variety even we guys can appreciate. While affection’s most obvious guise may make an appearance later in the play (if at all), that doesn’t preclude its close relations, like Protectiveness and Empathy, from taking the stage right now.

    Indeed, is that not Affection’s highest mark, waiting for her to decide when and if she pursues the matter, if ever?

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    1. What a heartfelt response to read, Keith! Thank you so much for it! 🙂🙂 It just makes writing on this platform all the worth after quite long.

      As for your question, it answers itself. There is no higher prelude to acceptance of affection than that. Indeed!

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