I Just Want to Go Home

I just want to go home,To where I can beMy most true self,To where I can stopActing to be someone else.I just want to go home,Where I am allowed to errEven when I try my best,Where I am free to cryTo my heart's content.I just want to go home,To they who makeMy very soul happy,To [...]

Marry for Love

Don't you want to marry for love?Not for age,Not for looks,Not for money,But love?Don't you want to holdSomeone as your own,And be heldIn return for nothingBut love?Don't you want to come backTo a place you may call home,From the wide world,To be welcomed withBut love?Don't you want to shareYour happiness,Your sorrow,To be blanketed withBut love?Don't [...]