Coward! Coward!

Coward! Coward!
Get out
Of your shell.
Better, throw away
That stupid shell.

Coward! Coward!
Stop thinking
Way too much.
You know it’s nothing more
Than another excuse.

Coward! Coward!
You’re okay
The way you are.
So why be shy
Or try to change?

Coward! Coward!
Don’t let them decide
For yourself.
You’ve been gifted with
A brain of your own.

Coward! Coward!
Don’t let me call you
This name again.
So show me finally
Who you really are!

15 thoughts on “Coward! Coward!

  1. Beautifully paced and powerful with the repeated antithetical proclamation in each first line. The tone of the speaker is demanding and unapologetic, desperate to unleash a courage they know is locked away. Well written!

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