Why Difficult for Some of Us?

Why, oh why
Is it
So damn difficult
For just ‘some of us’
To find love?

Almost everyone we know,
Almost everyone who isn’t
Even half a good person as us,
Almost before they know it
Have found love?

Is there something
Intrinsically wrong with us?
Are we asking too much
If we won’t settle with less
Than the love and respect we give?

Are we fools to believe
In genuineness
In a world abounded by fakes?
In a love that stays
In a fleeting world?

Why, oh why
Can’t we find someone
Who complements our soul
In ways we never thought would?
In love?

Why, oh why?
Do let me know,
That is, if you know.
But if you are like me,
Then know it’s not just you.

18 thoughts on “Why Difficult for Some of Us?

  1. This is a great question. I think that it is truly a blessing to find someone who you share your life with who is kind, gracious, and thoughtful about your needs. For me, it has a lot to do with faith. Hugs 🤗

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  2. I have asked the same thing. I do think many are settling to not be alone. I sure hope that I find the real thing in this lifetime. Seems difficult to find someone with at least similar values and compatibility. The men I have met are partying with no substance and they are looking to fill a void. It’s saddening.

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  3. Love will come to us. It will find us if/when we aren’t looking. Looking too hard does not work. It’s a natural thing. The interesting question for me was always: do we need love? Can’t we love ourselves? What do we want to be loved for? Do we just want to be heard or held? Is it our ego that needs it? Interesting subject and lots to think about. Good post!

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  4. Hi. Great post. I’m glad I stumbled on it. It made me wonder a bit. It is a great question you have asked. I think the reason why people like us find it hard to find a significant other is because we understand what it truly means to love somebody, to care for somebody. We can love anybody we want to but we don’t do that because we know the people around us would not understand how deeply they are being loved. Loving is a good thing but giving it to people who do not appreciate it is a waste. And we understand it too. I hope things go well for all of us. Cheers!!

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