Bare My Soul

If I bare my soul
To you,
Will it be worth it?

My creases and scars,
My desires and fears,
My truth?

The journey I have made,
The path I may take,
The cluelessness in between?

Some light and dark,
Some peace and turbulence,
Some mine and from others?

Will you not laugh at me?
Will you not chide me?
Will you not hide from me?

You may answer either way.
You may choose silence.
You may not care.

But that will not stop me.
But that is how I love.
But I will still be I.

In I will plunge my all
In my writing,
In my love.

So if I bare my soul
To you,
I know it is worth it.


28 thoughts on “Bare My Soul

  1. I sometimes wonder if I am approaching the day when my creases and scars outweigh the possibility of attraction. But I like a line from “Rent” where a boy tells a girl he has baggage, and she responds that so does she, but she is looking for someone whose baggage is compatible with hers. Interesting idea.

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      1. Welcome! Yet, if we were having a conversation about it, I mean, there is one thing I would add. We derive benefit, true. But even when the other seems not to accept or pay attention, we still plat a seed. And it might be many years later, that our truth comes awakened in them because of some memory they are reflecting upon. πŸ™‚

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