To a Friend

You wish to fly
You think, if you try hard enough
You will grow wings.

I think it’s crazy.
I’m afraid you’re going to crash after
I see you fall.

But I don’t stop you.
But I give you the benefit of the doubt.
But I choose to believe you.

My heart wants to support you.
My head wants to keep you safe.
My being scouts for a mid-way.

So I lay a bouncy mattress
So near the bottom of the cliff which
So gladly you are about to jump off.

If you crash, you’ll be safe.
If at all, you fly, you’ll see me cheering.
If you have cold feet, you can always hug me.

Because that’s who I am for you.
Because that’s who I want you for me.
Because honey, I’m your friend, not your mother.

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