The best way to know That something is over Is when a tear finds Its way out Finally. For nothing outside us Can ever make it possible. Only what is within us Can free us Finally. There is no point In expecting a new life From something that died Awaiting our acceptance Finally. The best [...]


If you saw the latest episode of Game of Thrones, you know what I mean. I hated everything that happened to Dany. Now I don't care even about Tyrion. She hardly has anything left. For me, the best moment was when Missandei chose her last word wisely (so like her). She could have said, "I [...]

Ego or Self-Respect

"When do you know it is ego and when it is self-respect?" asked a friend. "When you don't regret it later, it is self-respect. Otherwise, ego," replied I. "Great one! I will think over this," she said. While the advice-seeker appreciated the eloquence of the advice, little did she know that it stemmed from the [...]