Don’t Talk to Me of Love

Talk to me of anything,If you please, everythingBut love.It is a topic over-exploited,More like an onion too sauteed.What is it with everyone,Each relative and that unknown bun,Who lives in "loveland?"Don't they have anything else to think?Is this the only way they find to sink?Talk to me of nature --Diversified in its great stature,Of rivers and [...]

Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister

A small man Casting a big shadow, A "half-man" Being more human than most, That's Tyrion Lannister. Never loved by a father, Never loved by a sister, Never loved by a wife, Still he never stopped loving, That's Tyrion Lannister. No good as a soldier Yet helmed a victorious battle, Not from a friendly family [...]


Beauty - that subjective word! What's beautiful to me Is horrendous to you. What makes me go, "Awww..." Makes you go, "Ewww..." Beauty - that glorified word! If it's not beautiful, It's a little wrong. If it's not eye-pleasing, It ought to be rectified. Beauty - that inspirational word! Look for beauty To make beautiful [...]