To They Who Say We Are Not Enough

We try, they dissuade us. We try harder, they say we are just being silly. We give it our all, they say we should stop wasting our time because we are simply "not good enough." My question is that should we even try to explain to these "experts" how wrong they are or not. As [...]

A Story’s Expiry Date

They say, nothing lasts forever. Everything comes with an expiration date. So what is the expiration date of a story? When does it stop making any sense? When does it lose its impact? Every story is placed in some context of time, place and the reigning standards. It will be a hundred percent true to [...]

OCDs Like Sheldon’s

Penny once called Sheldon "a creature of habit" in the hit show The Big Bang Theory. Anyone who has seen the show knows how right Penny was for Sheldon had an obsessive compulsive disorder for too many things under the sun. From his Sheldonian calender which had a clearly marked food menu and demarcation of [...]