For Those Not So Merry on Christmas

Yes, it's the season to be jolly. It's the time to be merry about Christmas. But what if you are not? For those alone or Feeling lonely amongst a crowd, Here's a song to lift up your spirits. Happiness is a choice. -- J. K. Rowling At least try. You will have a happy Christmas. [...]

Choosing a Gift

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, special days etc. etc. One thing all of these have in common is the call for gifts. So how do you choose a gift? Are you like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in this matter? Do you try to gift people stuff that is closest to the amount they spent for [...]

Go With That Gut Feeling

Confused? As to what to choose? It may be related to something as serious as your career option and life partner or as silly as the flavour of ice-cream to try. But there it is, staring in your face -- a choice to be made. So what do you do? See, I am all for [...]