Tricky Business

How do you choose Between two evils? When you firmly believe Neither is worth the risk. How do you back Either your head or heart? When you fully know Either way you'll be judged. How do you finally Do something? When all you want Is to do nothing. Tricky business it is To be put [...]

Go With That Gut Feeling

Confused? As to what to choose? It may be related to something as serious as your career option and life partner or as silly as the flavour of ice-cream to try. But there it is, staring in your face -- a choice to be made. So what do you do? See, I am all for [...]


They say something But mean something else. They aim for one But want another one. They seemingly try for this But yearn for that. They say something But do something else. Then they complain How you aren't sensitive. Then they regret How they expected too much. Then they remain silent Punishing you with confusion. Then [...]