If You Love Someone, Tell Them

A parent, spouse, child, friend Or someone who is still no one, It could be anyone. If you love someone, Tell them. A smile, gesture, word Or something you can't understand, It could be anything. If you love someone, Tell them. No point keeping silent, No point waiting, No point in anything else. If you [...]

Starting Afresh

"What? You want to leave everything you have got till now and start over? From scratch?" they asked. "I want to start afresh," she said. "It's the same! Plus, it's insane," they emphasised. "What if it will make me happy?" she asked. "What if you end up disappointed?" they asked back. "At least I would [...]

Never Ever Again

"Never ever again will I ______ !" Everyone who has ever used this phrase put up your hand. Chances are that each person reading this post will. It could be related to any sphere of our life - relationships, work or even in general. At some point, we have all staunchly resolved to not repeat [...]