Tit for Tat

"Oh, that's bad," sympathized my friend with me, hearing about my senior's rudeness at office. Then, without losing a beat, she continued, "Don't worry, your time will also come. When you become a senior, you do the same to your juniors!" "And become the monster I despise?" I quipped. Sadly, that is the logic most [...]

It’s Time

Been waiting too long? Been dreaming forever? Anticipating highly? Relax, for finally, It's time. Yes, waiting hurts a lot. The tears accompanying them Sting just as well. The pain will soon be over For it's time. You deserve an applause From no one but yourself. As you alone know How hard it was to hang [...]

Never Ever Again

"Never ever again will I ______ !" Everyone who has ever used this phrase put up your hand. Chances are that each person reading this post will. It could be related to any sphere of our life - relationships, work or even in general. At some point, we have all staunchly resolved to not repeat [...]