What If I Die Tomorrow?

Today, I live. But who can speak of tomorrow? What if, I die tomorrow? Today, I do so many things. But is this how I want to die? Should these be my last moments? Today, I breathe. But would I rather not really live? Even if I had one day left? Today, I worry about [...]

I Don’t Know You Anymore

I don't know you anymore Like I used to before, Like I thought I always would, Like I wish I could. I don't know you anymore Or the feelings of your inner core, Or the fake laugh you force out, Or the words you shout. I don't know you anymore Inspite of that old dress [...]

Final Game of Thrones Theory

With the final Game of Thrones episode a few hours away, I present my final related theory. Don't worry -- it's a happy ending, more or less. 1.   Tyrion's Betrayal No matter how much I have loved Tyrion from the beginning, it's hard to ignore certain things. Especially, when you re-watch the series. I think, [...]