Stand Up For Yourself

Your knees may be wobbling, For you may have been beaten down, From fear, disrespect or hate. Still, I say, Stand up for yourself. The walls of your world May have collapsed all around you. The walls you spent your life on. Still, I dare say, Stand up for yourself. You might seem all alone [...]

It’s Raining Shit

You toil and toil, Hoping it will make a difference. But when you look around, You see nothing but shit. Shit so deep That it reaches to your knees. Shit so stinky That it makes you want to puke. It only keeps piling up. It only keeps bogging you down. It only makes you feel [...]

When Words Fail

Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how hard you thought, you just could not come up with any word? When you went BLANK? It happens when no amount of words, strung together even in the most beautiful manner, seem just "right." Today, I heard of a colleague who had a miscarriage. [...]