Story Written in the Stars

What if our story Was predestined, Was written in the stars? What if its end Was already decided, Was sketched out in detail? What if our love Was doomed from the start, Was futile to fight for? What if our separating Was not accidental but Was well-planned? What if this is it? Was it all [...]

Arya Stark: No Mistake

Every single step Arya took in her dark journey Brought her closer To her destiny. It was no mistake. Every single heartbreak Arya dragged herself through Made her sensitive To things no one could feel. It was no mistake. Every single blow Arya endured on her body Made her stronger To pursue her path. It [...]

He Who Yearned to be a Dog

Do you think life never drastically changes? That it is impossible in reality? Read on and I bet to prove you wrong with a true story. He was born in a backward caste at a time when the caste system enjoyed a stronghold in his country. He spent his boyhood in a small continuously leaking [...]