I Just Want to Go Home

I just want to go home,To where I can beMy most true self,To where I can stopActing to be someone else.I just want to go home,Where I am allowed to errEven when I try my best,Where I am free to cryTo my heart's content.I just want to go home,To they who makeMy very soul happy,To [...]


As I turn twenty-nine,How do I feel?Excited, anxious or just calm?The truth is I don't know.Do I look backAt the 28 that was,Or in a way wasn't in 2020?The truth is I don't know.Do I look forwardLike every other year,Like every other saying?The truth is I don't know.What I do know is this.I am alive.I [...]

Hero Enough

He wasn't the stereotypical hero --The kind to make her swoon,The kind to make her croon.Yet somehow he stuck.He made her smile.He wasn't the knight in shining armour --The protector of the realm,The one who could overwhelm.Yet anyhow he shone.He always showed up.If anything, he was an anti-hero.Not the one hoped for by mothers.Not the [...]