The Glorious Mess Called “Us”

"How can her life be just perfect? Everything about her future, from her higher education to her job to her to-be husband is so sorted out. And in a good way! Just how?" wondered aloud I to a friend. "We don't know everything about her. So relax," she replied. "Still! And look at me! I [...]

Ego or Self-Respect

"When do you know it is ego and when it is self-respect?" asked a friend. "When you don't regret it later, it is self-respect. Otherwise, ego," replied I. "Great one! I will think over this," she said. While the advice-seeker appreciated the eloquence of the advice, little did she know that it stemmed from the [...]

Butterflies in the Stomach

Do you know that tingly feeling in the stomach, just before you are about to do something really important? The sort that makes you not want to eat much? Even makes your concentrating on anything difficult? Of course, you do! These are the symptoms which are commonly called as butterflies in the stomach. Everyone experiences [...]

OCDs Like Sheldon’s

Penny once called Sheldon "a creature of habit" in the hit show The Big Bang Theory. Anyone who has seen the show knows how right Penny was for Sheldon had an obsessive compulsive disorder for too many things under the sun. From his Sheldonian calender which had a clearly marked food menu and demarcation of [...]

Old Friends

You are friends with someone. You can talk endlessly to them. Over time, due to personal or work commitments, the two of you slowly lose touch. But then one fine day, one of you calls the other or the two of you bump into each other and you pick up from exactly where you left. [...]