Flowers Are All I Have

"It's my birthday!Finally, my day!!So tell me, sweetheart.What have you got for me?"Dancing, sang She."Of course, I remember.It's the day in September.So here, darling.Flowers I have got for thou,"He offered with a bow."At first look, they may seemNothing like in your dreamThat you might have imagined.Just flowers in a ribbonGiven to you by your gibbon."But [...]

The Gift of a Warm Hug

Don't say much. For words can be deceiving. Just hug it out. That would be enough. When words fall short Or don't seem to stop, Just hug it out. That would be enough. Our tempers may vary. Our tongues may vary. Just hug it out. That would be enough. It doesn't cost anything, To be [...]

Someone’s Santa Claus

No long beard or beer belly, Still you can be someone's Santa Claus. Still, you can make someone smile. No umpteen number of gifts, Still you can thrill someone. Still, you can make someone's day. No hearty ho-ho-ho laughter, Still you can warm someone's heart. Still, you can awake the child in someone. No place [...]

Choosing a Gift

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, special days etc. etc. One thing all of these have in common is the call for gifts. So how do you choose a gift? Are you like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in this matter? Do you try to gift people stuff that is closest to the amount they spent for [...]