Our having faith Doesn't make anything easier. On the contrary, It makes everything crazier. We believe in stuff We can't see or touch. We give our time and thoughts To it a bit much. We hope, We yearn, We beg, Till we learn. Having faith Is a two-way street, Where our desires and hard work [...]

The Real Hero

A hero is not born From the laurels of glory, But from the memories Of those who witnessed the act. A hero need not have succeeded. They could have utterly failed. But their intent must have touched Those who saw them struggle. A hero need not have reaped Any of the fruits of their labour. [...]

He Who Yearned to be a Dog

Do you think life never drastically changes? That it is impossible in reality? Read on and I bet to prove you wrong with a true story. He was born in a backward caste at a time when the caste system enjoyed a stronghold in his country. He spent his boyhood in a small continuously leaking [...]