I’m Not the Prettiest

Yes, I'm not the prettiestGirl you have ever laidYour eyes uponOr ever will.I know.Yes, my eyes are notDoe-shaped orSea-blue orBatted with thick lashes.I know.Yes, so are the otherParts on meNo real causeFor poetry.I know.Yes, I have seenWhat beauty looks likeAs it didOn my best friend.I know.Yes, I have heardHow compliments sound likeAs they didWhenever my [...]


I stand at nothing. With no progress In any direction. Still, I hope. There is nothing That I can guarantee about To myself and someone else. Still, I hope. Nothing is what I will fall to, If my dreams crash. Still, I hope. Everyone around has something If not seemingly everything, Whereas I have nothing. [...]