Why Be Kind?

So many options to choose from -- Bravery, intelligence or strength, Charm, Humour or righteousness. Then why speak of The seemingly least of them all? Why bother with being kind? So much seen and heard, If not already, Then soon will be Of betrayal, doubt and slyness, Of incompetence, inequity and injustice. Why trouble oneself [...]

Circle of Kindness – Liebster Award

If you ever genuinely liked any of my work, this one's for you! Someone has been kind enough to drop me a nomination for the Liebster Award and wished that I pass forward the kindness. Now that's what appealed to me -- kindness! This is my first time with something like this. So I start [...]

Someone’s Santa Claus

No long beard or beer belly, Still you can be someone's Santa Claus. Still, you can make someone smile. No umpteen number of gifts, Still you can thrill someone. Still, you can make someone's day. No hearty ho-ho-ho laughter, Still you can warm someone's heart. Still, you can awake the child in someone. No place [...]