Go, Be a Fool

Enough with the smartness. Enough with rightness. Go, be a fool once in a while. Go, live freely for sometime. You think too much. You do way much more. But has it all always borne fruit? But has it all made you happy? A machine was made for a reason. A person obviously not for [...]

Song of the Heart

A low note here, A high note there. Sometimes, completely in tune. Sometimes, extraordinarily off-tune. So goes the song of the heart. Not meant to please everyone, Not meant about just anyone, Not always ethically right, Just composed on a whim, So goes the song of the heart. A different composition For every ocassion, A [...]

The Thrill of Not Knowing

There are two kinds of people amongst the movie-goers. One kind wants to know the main plot beforehand. The other kind would hate to know anything at all. The funny thing about life is that whether we want to or not, nobody knows what is going to happen next. Herein, according to me, lies the [...]