What If You’re Not a Mother?

It's Mother's Day.So we speak of mothers.When do we speakOf they who are not mothers?When do we speak of youIf you are not a mother?What if you are someoneWho is a single father?Someone who has toLearn, unlearn and relearn everythingThat comes naturally to women?Because you are not a mother.What if you are someoneWho is gay [...]

Mom – the Touchy Topic

I guess, the reason I immediately start crying knowing about someone's loss of their mother is because I love mine. It's not that we don't fight. We do. All girls fight with their mothers. It's two women, completely out at their worst, keeping no facades. No sweet words to sugar-coat the bitter truths. So it [...]

When Words Fail

Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how hard you thought, you just could not come up with any word? When you went BLANK? It happens when no amount of words, strung together even in the most beautiful manner, seem just "right." Today, I heard of a colleague who had a miscarriage. [...]