For Those Not So Merry on Christmas

Yes, it's the season to be jolly. It's the time to be merry about Christmas. But what if you are not? For those alone or Feeling lonely amongst a crowd, Here's a song to lift up your spirits. Happiness is a choice. -- J. K. Rowling At least try. You will have a happy Christmas. [...]

The Sound of a Heartbreak

What does it sound like When a heart breaks? Either in two neat pieces Or a million shreds? Is it a loud thud, Louder than thunder? So baffling that It raises goosebumps? Is it a crazy medley Too complicated to comprehend? So confusing that People start ignoring it? Or is it silence? The unnerving, heavy [...]

Song of the Heart

A low note here, A high note there. Sometimes, completely in tune. Sometimes, extraordinarily off-tune. So goes the song of the heart. Not meant to please everyone, Not meant about just anyone, Not always ethically right, Just composed on a whim, So goes the song of the heart. A different composition For every ocassion, A [...]