Coward! Coward!

Coward! Coward!Get outOf your shell.Better, throw awayThat stupid shell.Coward! Coward!Stop thinkingWay too much.You know it's nothing moreThan another excuse.Coward! Coward!You're okayThe way you are.So why be shyOr try to change?Coward! Coward!Don't let them decideFor yourself.You've been gifted withA brain of your own.Coward! Coward!Don't let me call youThis name again.So show me finallyWho you really are!

What’s in a Name?

The name we go by becomes our identity. It is something we hear innumerable times each day and every single time, we pay attention when it's taken. It is what we are introduced as to people we might have never even come across. So many emotions connected to us ring in the hearts of people [...]