Yes or No

Why does it always Have to be Either yes or no? Why can't it be Neither, both or Something in between? Why do we have To choose When we had rather not? Why are conclusions So necessary When the mess is the comforter? Why say yes or no And break someone's heart When everything will [...]

Three Second Story: Humbled

As Katherine walked out of office that day, she couldn't feel more sorry for herself. She had no idea what she was doing at work except the fact that it would lead her nowhere. She had no love life. She had started to feel that she was going down with a cough. There was nothing [...]

Why Just One Day for Women?

Fine, birthdays and anniversaries I get. They mark another full year of an event. But how does one mark a woman's never-ending ordeals, passions and sacrifices? By a day?? Isn't it a bit like being unfair to someone through the year and then going and wishing them on their birthday? For oh, how grateful you [...]