To a Friend

You wish to fly You think, if you try hard enough You will grow wings. I think it's crazy. I'm afraid you're going to crash after I see you fall. But I don't stop you.But I give you the benefit of the doubt.But I choose to believe you.My heart wants to support you.My head wants [...]

Clipping My Wings

Scissors in hand,Smirk on face,Slithering thoughts in mind,I see you coming,Wanting to clip my wings.Distinguished in power,Distinct in person,Diplomatic in nature,I see you coming,Wanting to clip my wings.At a time least expected,At a place deemed safest,At a mannerism applauded,I see you coming,Wanting to clip my wings.But I don't make a sound,But I don't blink an [...]

I’m Not the Prettiest

Yes, I'm not the prettiestGirl you have ever laidYour eyes uponOr ever will.I know.Yes, my eyes are notDoe-shaped orSea-blue orBatted with thick lashes.I know.Yes, so are the otherParts on meNo real causeFor poetry.I know.Yes, I have seenWhat beauty looks likeAs it didOn my best friend.I know.Yes, I have heardHow compliments sound likeAs they didWhenever my [...]

Bare My Soul

If I bare my soulTo you,Will it be worth it?My creases and scars,My desires and fears,My truth?The journey I have made,The path I may take,The cluelessness in between?Some light and dark,Some peace and turbulence,Some mine and from others?Will you not laugh at me?Will you not chide me?Will you not hide from me?You may answer either [...]

As the Clock Strikes Twelve

Lovers anear will kiss,Lovers away will miss,Nevertheless, love will winAs the clock strikes twelve tonight.Children will squeal with joy,Adults will greet the new year ahoy,Nevertheless, delight will find its wayAs the clock strikes twelve tonight.But if you can't find any wayTo make your mood with the beat sway,It's okay, tell yourselfAs the clock strikes twelve [...]

Best Thing All Week

Running like crazyBehind a speeding suitcase,He emerged.Alone holding a plate of dumplingsIn his way,She happened to be.Bewildered,She stood rooted,Not knowing about the next second.Screeching to a halt,He looked up at her from his suitcaseAnd smiled, rather broadly.It was a beautiful smileFrom a handsome foreignerWho didn't crash into her.Agreeing so,Feeling amused,She smiled back.Again speeding, again eating,Going [...]


Yeah, I'm brokenAnd so are youSomewhere, somewhere,Everywhere.Yeah, I've tried to mendJust like youIn bits and pieces,As a whole.Yeah, I'm tired,As are youOf waiting out the healing,For the miracle.But dear, oh dear,What if it never everDoes fully happen?What if we never really heal?What if the bandagesAre never enough?What if the cracksAre who we are now?Does it [...]

Why Difficult for Some of Us?

Why, oh whyIs itSo damn difficultFor just 'some of us'To find love?Almost everyone we know,Almost everyone who isn'tEven half a good person as us,Almost before they know itHave found love?Is there somethingIntrinsically wrong with us?Are we asking too muchIf we won't settle with lessThan the love and respect we give?Are we fools to believeIn genuinenessIn [...]