V-Day Run-up: 2. Rachel and Ross

He yearned for nothing more than her attention in high school. She yearned for everything but him. He got ready to take her to the prom when her date didn't arrive. Unaware, she rushed out the moment her date arrived an hour late. He was left heart-broken when his first wife left him. She left [...]

Those Last Few Hours Before Another Birthday

How do you feel just a few hours before you turn another year old? For kids, it is excitement. For teens, anticipation. For those who have seen quite a few of these, it stops mattering altogether (or so they say). But for some, especially those in the bracket of twenty-five to thirty, it's a bit [...]

Butterflies in the Stomach

Do you know that tingly feeling in the stomach, just before you are about to do something really important? The sort that makes you not want to eat much? Even makes your concentrating on anything difficult? Of course, you do! These are the symptoms which are commonly called as butterflies in the stomach. Everyone experiences [...]