Today’s Tiny Tale: Ordinary Love

Pop culture taught her of extraordinary love. But life gave her something ordinary. Instead of a knight, she found love behind thick rimmed glasses.

Game of Thrones: Shireen Baratheon

Half her face kissed With a dreaded disease, Still, she was so beautiful. Still, she was Shireen of House Baratheon. Born to parents Who badly wanted a boy, Still, she was a princess. Still, she was Shireen of House Baratheon. Restrained to a dungeon To hide the family's shame, Still, she was always kind. Still, [...]


Beauty - that subjective word! What's beautiful to me Is horrendous to you. What makes me go, "Awww..." Makes you go, "Ewww..." Beauty - that glorified word! If it's not beautiful, It's a little wrong. If it's not eye-pleasing, It ought to be rectified. Beauty - that inspirational word! Look for beauty To make beautiful [...]