How to Say “No”

We all have those moments when someone asks something and even before they finish, we want to say, "No." But we don't know how. Or it could just be someone going over and over something every single time we meet and all we want to do is scream from the bottom of our hearts, "Please [...]


We all hate that word. It makes us feel so bad about ourselves. Worse, it makes us question the very intention of why we started out. We all hate rejection. But there it is. In our face. Most of the time. From people we love to things we love to even the smallest, silliest of [...]

Tying Her Shoelaces

An army officer for whom his uniform, duty and country are everything, during an earthquake rescue operation, sees the girl who rejected him thrice volunteering as a doctor. In the midst of all the commotion, he walks up to her, as she stands stunned herself. Without a word, he bends over and puts down his [...]