The Late Bloom

Some things are not meant to be. But some are. Who is to tell which is which? Some episodes speed away. But some take their time. They are like the late bloom. A seed fell on a dirty sidewalk. It got trampled on. Again and again. It was not paid attention to. Nothing was expected [...]

Valentine’s Special: Amy and Sheldon

Sheldon, when I was a little girl, I used to dream about my wedding. But eventually, I stopped because I thought that day would never come. And then, I met you. — Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory (American TV show) Two misfits, Two part – robots, Two narcissists Found each other. From [...]


Sometimes, attraction happens Through the eyes. That tiny twinkle In a sea of green. That searing spark In a bed of charcoal. Sometimes, attraction happens Through the voice. That rough undertone In a baritone. That velvety texture In a soft sound. Sometimes, attraction happens Through a laugh. That child-like candour In a heartfelt expression. That [...]