Valentine’s Special Today’s Tiny Tale: A Friend’s Wish

Two straight girls were friends. One was single while the other was not. Yet every Valentine's, the latter's first wish went to the former.

My Birthday Wish

Every year, I wait for others To wish me on my birthday. Every year, I wait eagerly To wish others on their birthday. Every year, We all wait For someone special's wish on our birthday. Every year, We wait To be disappointed by some. Every year, Someone waits To be disappointed by us. This year, [...]

Final Game of Thrones Theory

With the final Game of Thrones episode a few hours away, I present my final related theory. Don't worry -- it's a happy ending, more or less. 1.   Tyrion's Betrayal No matter how much I have loved Tyrion from the beginning, it's hard to ignore certain things. Especially, when you re-watch the series. I think, [...]