No Regrets

“If only I had not done this, things could have been so much better…”

“Oh, but I did have a great time!”

These are the two different voices that keep echoing in our mind after something we had done ends up in not-so-good results. So we can either beat ourself up with regret or raise a toast to the good time we had.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful kids’ camp as a teacher, surrounded by songs, laughter and a fantastic vibe. The catch was that it would last for all of my long festival weekend, before and after which there was a literal drought of holidays for weeks. What did I do? I took it up. What followed were five great days I thoroughly enjoyed. What followed those were three days of sickness in bed.

The point is that no matter how safe we play, someone or the other will find an excuse to say how we could have done better, been smarter and avoided the mess we ended up in. But they only know one side of our story. They don’t know everything that we were up to or had been a part of. So they don’t get to judge us.

But we do. We get to judge ourselves. And boy, how! We can either regret or be proud. I chose the later. What about you?

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