Learn to Love

We all learn so much Maths, Science, Literature. But don't learn to love. We work hard for everything, Understanding nothing comes easy. But take love for granted. We are afraid of risking Our career and possessions. But risk love at every step. We know so much About anything and everything. But are lost when it [...]


Sometimes, attraction happens Through the eyes. That tiny twinkle In a sea of green. That searing spark In a bed of charcoal. Sometimes, attraction happens Through the voice. That rough undertone In a baritone. That velvety texture In a soft sound. Sometimes, attraction happens Through a laugh. That child-like candour In a heartfelt expression. That [...]

Home is Where the Heart is

Home. Something yet everything. One place yet many meanings. Sometimes, near. Other times, so far. Yet, it can be felt. A place of protection. A realm of freedom. Somewhere we can be ourselves. A home, not a house. Feelings, not bricks. A reassurance that we will be fine. Years spent don't make it. Warmth received [...]