As the Clock Strikes Twelve

Lovers anear will kiss,Lovers away will miss,Nevertheless, love will winAs the clock strikes twelve tonight.Children will squeal with joy,Adults will greet the new year ahoy,Nevertheless, delight will find its wayAs the clock strikes twelve tonight.But if you can't find any wayTo make your mood with the beat sway,It's okay, tell yourselfAs the clock strikes twelve [...]

Best Thing All Week

Running like crazyBehind a speeding suitcase,He emerged.Alone holding a plate of dumplingsIn his way,She happened to be.Bewildered,She stood rooted,Not knowing about the next second.Screeching to a halt,He looked up at her from his suitcaseAnd smiled, rather broadly.It was a beautiful smileFrom a handsome foreignerWho didn't crash into her.Agreeing so,Feeling amused,She smiled back.Again speeding, again eating,Going [...]