The Glorious Mess Called “Us”

“How can her life be just perfect? Everything about her future, from her higher education to her job to her to-be husband is so sorted out. And in a good way! Just how?” wondered aloud I to a friend.

“We don’t know everything about her. So relax,” she replied.

“Still! And look at me! I am a complete mess – clueless about my future,” I pressed on.

“Mia, we are ALL a mess! You just have to look closely,” she said, shutting me up.

My friend is right. Isn’t she? None of us roam around with a completely clear head. In there, it is as cluttered as could be. With every passing day, the mess just increases. Yet, we keep moving. Yet, some people are brave enough to embrace us for who we are. Yet, someone is crazy enough to love us.

So do yourself a favour. Embrace yourselves too. Embrace your glorious mess. It is what makes life interesting.

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