Write Me A Poem

Write me a poem In your language. Something from the heart, Something worth remembering, Something for just me, So she said to him. But I'm not a poetIn any language.No matter how you see,No matter how you hear,No matter how you feel,So he said to her.It doesn't have to be written matter,If you please.Sing if [...]

Bare My Soul

If I bare my soulTo you,Will it be worth it?My creases and scars,My desires and fears,My truth?The journey I have made,The path I may take,The cluelessness in between?Some light and dark,Some peace and turbulence,Some mine and from others?Will you not laugh at me?Will you not chide me?Will you not hide from me?You may answer either [...]

Why Difficult for Some of Us?

Why, oh whyIs itSo damn difficultFor just 'some of us'To find love?Almost everyone we know,Almost everyone who isn'tEven half a good person as us,Almost before they know itHave found love?Is there somethingIntrinsically wrong with us?Are we asking too muchIf we won't settle with lessThan the love and respect we give?Are we fools to believeIn genuinenessIn [...]