Relationship Rubble

What do you do when you come to love someone with a lot of relationship rubble? Do you clean up their mess or build over it?

Like buildings, we are all works in progress. Someone lays our foundation, someone else builds us up. Every single day, some work is done on us. But at times, the very people who build us up tear us down. Some shake us to our very foundation. We don’t know if anything that we ever believed in actually meant something. That’s what a divorce feels like.

Nobody goes into a lifelong commitment like a marriage, thinking that it will end. Even the most practical people have some sort of a tiny hope somewhere that it will last. But in some cases, it doesn’t. That is when the individuals involved are left devastated. In the place of the sturdy building that they once were, lies only rubble – relationship rubble.

But life is funny that way. It doesn’t even let us get comfortable in our sorrow. Again change beckons! Someone else walks into our life, wanting to build us up, again. Wait, what if it’s the other way around? What if you are the one who comes to love someone with a lot of relationship rubble?

In such a case, you have two options. Either, you can painstakingly clear the rubble, little by little. It will take long. It will test your patience. It will make you want to give up more than once. But you can keep going till you feel that you are ready to build up afresh.

Or, not wanting any of that trouble, you can start building over that rubble – immediately.

Which kind of building do you think will last longer?

The old rubble needs to be removed. As much of the person you love as much as your own! Relationships that take time to form last. So don’t run away from the hard work. It’s totally worth it.

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