Three Seconds’ Story

She walks slowly on the path, with eyes glued to an interesting brochure. It is only when she feels someone terribly overshadowing her that she looks up. He stands inches from her. Had she moved even one step ahead, she would have banged right into him — her head into his chest. But that is when she had stopped.

Their eyes lock for full three seconds. It was time enough for her to notice how handsome he was. He had already noticed her from afar, which is why he walked right up to her. She was the one walking with a lost mind, not he.

There they stood, experiencing that rush, that flush. One that comes when you are instantly attracted to someone. But three seconds was all it lasted.

After that, both moved on, making it a point not to turn back. For that was all it was meant to be — a short three seconds’ story.

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