Am I Fat?

“Am I fat?” she asked.

“No baby, you are just fluffy,” he replied.

“Come on, am I fat?” she asked again showing him her side profile.

“Sweetie, you are my lovable big hugger,” he replied.

“But am I fat?” she asked a third time.

“Honey, you make my world go round,” he replied.

She smiled, knowing fully that she was overweight. More than that, she smiled, appreciating the wise cracks her husband had been able to come up with over the years, just because he loved her so.

77 thoughts on “Am I Fat?

  1. As the relationship develops, Mia, other things, other people, diminish. Everything besides The Two of Them shrinks.

    From that perspective, both are Fatter than Ever.

    Am I fat? Maybe, but not nearly as outsized as am I (I hope).

    Oh, the world may have difficulty seeing the added dimensions, but it’s something else the two of them delight in sharing.

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  2. I am reminded of a short story about a mom who says, “I am as fat as a pig.” And her small daughter responds, “No, mom. You are as plump as a peach.” The people who love us will always think we are beautiful and that is what really matters.

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    1. What a lovely tale showcasing love! The point is when one loves someone, all they see is love. Size doesn’t matter. πŸ˜‡

      Thank you so much for stopping by to share this! πŸ™‚
      Also, it is good to see your presence on my blog after quite long. Hope all is well with you.


      1. I hope you’re right;)
        It’s my pleasureπŸ–€
        Aww thanks, so sweet of you! I’ve been called the best hugger but never fluffy, I’m blushing right now:)
        Have a nice day!πŸ€—

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  3. I love your post, Mia! It’s a beautiful reflection of what unconditional love should be. When we focus on size, I pray it is the size of ones heart we see! β™₯️

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