Butterflies in the Stomach

Do you know that tingly feeling in the stomach, just before you are about to do something really important? The sort that makes you not want to eat much? Even makes your concentrating on anything difficult? Of course, you do! These are the symptoms which are commonly called as butterflies in the stomach.

Everyone experiences them at some time or the other. They are usually signs of nervousness. They happen when you are afraid that you might end up making a mess. Slowly, they spread to other signs like nausea, hyperventilation and numbness in the limbs. If worse comes to worst, some people even end up puking or fainting minutes before the “big thing.”

So are they bad? Must we do anything and everything to avoid them? But the thing is that we don’t chose to have them. They are an involuntary reaction of our body. So should we avoid putting ourselves in positions where we have to face all this? Many, many people consciously make that decision. Which is precisely why I make the following point – butterflies in the stomach are GOOD!

I say, you should be happy if you have them. Feeling nervous before doing something only means that you care a lot about it. It will mean a lot to you if it goes well or doesn’t. In fact, you don’t even want to imagine a scenario where it goes awry. You are scared for good!

I was good-scared though, you know! Like when-I-moved-to-New-York scared. Or when-I-found-out-I-was-gonna-have-Emma scared.

– Rachel Green in Friends

Trust me, you are very blessed to have something worthwhile to give you that sensation. Being nervous or scared is way better than feeling nothing at all, having nothing at all to look forward to. So embrace this feeling! Hope you have butterflies in your stomach as frequently as possible. Here’s to living!

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