29 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: Expectant Rain

  1. A winsome sigh, poetically released, Mia. The soul weeps, then after that – is this rain, or does something else dew the cheek?

    Maybe, though, perhaps a single Tiny Tale isn’t enough. There’s more to tell, and Chapter Two makes this a Small-ish Tale.

    Could be, the next morning she meets her sunshine. From then onward, every time the clouds part, he’s there, and the rain, once again, is just rain. Merely a prelude to the rays that warm the horizon and announce the future.

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      1. Precisely, Mia. Never “the last word,” but instead, “up to this point so far.”

        By the way, this applies to good situations and to bad. Yes, it’s helpful in bad cases to know another chapter always is in the works.

        When things ae going well, it isn’t the end either, though. Yes, we’re happy with how things have unfolded so far, but there’s more to do, no? Make sure the success is more permanent, Give it the means t replicate itself the next time. Except, then, even better!

        That’s what this whole “life” thing is about!

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    1. Hey Florence, thank you so much for your time and words. 🙂

      Yes, you are right. But the good news is that if you look at my tale, it is open-ended. Just like life is. Sometimes, things take a change for good. (That is, he might return to her.) 🙃
      Sometimes, things remain sad. Then it is up to us to make things happy.

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  2. Thanks for the explanation. I knew. 😀 It’s open ended and we do not wipe out the possibility that he hasn’t come since that day. That great longing keeping her in the rain evverytime? too bad if he has failed to come. Rainy days will always be sad for her.

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