Flowers Are All I Have

“It’s my birthday!
Finally, my day!!
So tell me, sweetheart.
What have you got for me?”
Dancing, sang She.

“Of course, I remember.
It’s the day in September.
So here, darling.
Flowers I have got for thou,”
He offered with a bow.

“At first look, they may seem
Nothing like in your dream
That you might have imagined.
Just flowers in a ribbon
Given to you by your gibbon.

“But darling, they are more
For in their core,
Rests my love for thee,
Which is priceless.
I can assure, yes.

“Frankly, everything else was
A disappointing cause,
As those I couldn’t afford.
But this my allowance could
So I happily would.

“I promise you when I grow up,
I’ll surely buy you a pup
You so badly want.
Till then, dear make do,
For flowers are all I have for you.”

19 thoughts on “Flowers Are All I Have

  1. Very well written and a lovely poemπŸ’–
    I absolutely adore your work, and as someone who has recently started writing and blogging herself, you and your beautiful pieces of writing are definitely a great source of inspiration for meπŸ’«

    Liked by 1 person

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