Yeah, I’m broken
And so are you
Somewhere, somewhere,

Yeah, I’ve tried to mend
Just like you
In bits and pieces,
As a whole.

Yeah, I’m tired,
As are you
Of waiting out the healing,
For the miracle.

But dear, oh dear,
What if it never ever
Does fully happen?
What if we never really heal?

What if the bandages
Are never enough?
What if the cracks
Are who we are now?

Does it mean that
You and I don’t stand a chance?
Does it mean we’ll
Always be pariahs?

Or is it simply that we see
What others tend to ignore
Of themselves
And of others around?

Coz baby, ask yourself,
Just like me,
Aren’t you too a bit broken?
Isn’t that why you’re human?

So it’s okay
If we always remain a lil broken.
For sympathetically together,
We’ll be more human.


14 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Very true, the word BROKEN is common for humans. It happens and it will happens. How we binds the things together matters. If I speak frankly, it’s little bit hard to come out of the situation. If we comes out, definitely we will learn something new.

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